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Wow Girls Gloria + Melanie B in Unused Pussies

Gloria and Melanie B are preparing for bed in the bathroom. They laugh and giggle to each other as they brush their teeth and comb their hair. It’s during this grooming that Melanie mentions how she loves to shave her pussy and Gloria playfully suggests that she should give her pussy a shave.

Melanie takes Gloria up on her dare and offers to shave her sweet pussy. Gloria accepts and instantly becomes wet at the thought of Melanie running a razor, and her fingers, over her pussy.

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Melanie shaves Gloria’s pussy clean and the wipes it down. It looks so tempting that she just has to have a taste and starts to kiss and lick her now smooth pussy. They both begin to moan as the pleasures of this spontaneous moment take hold!

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Wow Girls Melanie B in My Stream is Sexy

Melanie B is a sexual freak! She loves to masturbate! The kinkier way she can satisfy her desires, the better! This time, Melanie B covered herself in oil and went outside to the pool. Anyone could see what this girl was about to do!

She squatted down, spread her legs, and fell back onto her hands. Holding her weight with just one arm, she used the other to finger her oiled up pussy until juices began to flow down the inside of her thighs. She was very horny and needed something to send her over the edge!

Melanie B loved the way the juices flowing from her pussy felt. That’s when she thought of the idea to make her cum. She pissed all over herself. Her legs, her ankles, her feet were all drenched in her own urine. The warm liquid sent her body into a sexual spiral that resulted in a very hot orgasm!

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Wow Girls Dream July in Juicy Blondie

Dream July is wearing the shortest and sexiest pair of daisy dukes you’ll likely ever see on such an incredible babe. She’s bending over, and as she does her pussy is almost visible. Just a small patch of denim covers her lips that are puffing out from the sides.

Dream July is grinding against the pillow underneath her pussy. She’s riding it like it was a real cock! The blonde babe reaches back and grabs her perfect ass cheeks which pull her pussy further out from the fabric that now barely covers anything!

She then leans back on her elbows, exposes her big breasts, and begins to rub her pussy through the material of her daisy dukes. After a while, she can’t take it anymore and pulls the denim material to the side and rubs her bare pussy with her fingers.

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