Wow Girls Gloria + Melanie B in Unused Pussies

Wow Girls Gloria + Melanie B in Unused Pussies

Gloria and Melanie B are preparing for bed in the bathroom. They laugh and giggle to each other as they brush their teeth and comb their hair. It’s during this grooming that Melanie mentions how she loves to shave her pussy and Gloria playfully suggests that she should give her pussy a shave.


Melanie takes Gloria up on her dare and offers to shave her sweet pussy. Gloria accepts and instantly becomes wet at the thought of Melanie running a razor, and her fingers, over her pussy.

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Melanie shaves Gloria’s pussy clean and the wipes it down. It looks so tempting that she just has to have a taste and starts to kiss and lick her now smooth pussy. They both begin to moan as the pleasures of this spontaneous moment take hold!

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