Wow Girls Melanie B in My Stream is Sexy

Melanie B is a sexual freak! She loves to masturbate! The kinkier way she can satisfy her desires, the better! This time, Melanie B covered herself in oil and went outside to the pool. Anyone could see what this girl was about to do!

She squatted down, spread her legs, and fell back onto her hands. Holding her weight with just one arm, she used the other to finger her oiled up pussy until juices began to flow down the inside of her thighs. She was very horny and needed something to send her over the edge!

Melanie B loved the way the juices flowing from her pussy felt. That’s when she thought of the idea to make her cum. She pissed all over herself. Her legs, her ankles, her feet were all drenched in her own urine. The warm liquid sent her body into a sexual spiral that resulted in a very hot orgasm!

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