Wow Girls Paloma & Rea in Natural Goddesses 10

Wow Girls Paloma & Rea in Natural Goddesses

Paloma and Rea love each other, and love getting each other off. The two babes woke up horny and immediately felt the need to satisfy their lesbian desires. They took out their favorite pink, double-headed dildo and shoved it into each other’s pussy.

The two girls lay on their backs with their legs spread and pussies facing each other. They thrust their hips toward each other and by doing so impaled each other further on the dildo. Moans of pleasure were heard from both girls as the dildo penetrated their pussies deeper!

Paloma and Rea then took the dildo and forced into each other’s pussy, fucking each other one at a time. The dildo fucking grew harder and faster until Paloma had an orgasm. Then, Rea took over and fucked Paloma until she had an orgasm also. Both babes were satisfied by a huge dildo!

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