Wow Girls Natasha Von in Afternoon Dreams

Wow Girls Natasha Von in Afternoon Dreams

Wearing just a sheer white top and a pair of white lace panties, Natasha Von starts to rub her hands over her small breasts. She teases her nipples until they are erect. The naughty babe then lifts her shirt and twists her nipples making them harder and more sensitive.


Natasha then moves her hand down her flat stomach and underneath her lace panties. She plays with her tiny wet pussy and she can feel the growing moisture on her fingers. Lifting her legs in the air, Natasha pulls her panties up until they are wrapped around her knees and her pussy is bare.

She then takes out her favorite pink dildo and sucks on it until it’s lubricated with her saliva. Natasha rubs it against her pussy, making it even wetter than before. The dildo easily slides inside her lips with just a little push. Natasha moans out loud and begins to fuck her pussy harder. It won’t be long until she’s screaming from a powerful orgasm!

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