Wow Girls Lorena & Penelope in Dripping Wet

Wow Girls Lorena & Penelope in Dripping Wet

Lorena and Penelope are two young girls that only have affection for one another. The blonde and brunette teens with perfect bodies attract a lot of men, a lot of disappointed men! The two babes only have a taste for pussy, each other’s pussy!


Stripping each other naked, they take turns kissing their way down to the warm and wet pussy awaiting a loving set of lips. First, they tease by licking the pussy lips up and down, sucking them into their mouths, and flicking the erect clits with the tips of their tongues.

Then, they begin to tongue fuck each other. They harden their tongues and thrust them in and out of each other’s pussy like a hard cock. Grinding on one another, Lorena and Penelope move their hips in rhythm with their tongues and don’t stop until each girl has an orgasm!

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