Wow Girls Guerlain & Madonna in Summer Rain

Guerlain and Madonna pressed their bare breasts against one another as the summer rain poured down making their bodies wet and cool. The nipples of each babe quickly grew hard as the chill from the water took hold. Even their pussies began to send erotic shivers through their bodies.


The beautiful girls began to strip each other naked as the rain continued. They laughed, giggled, and more than anything else, became incredibly horny. Guerlain admired Madonna’s body as much as Madonna admired hers.

The sexual thrill of being naked in the rain was becoming too much for the girls. They took turns dropping to their knees, fingering and licking each other’s pussy. The two sexy girls were sharing their first lesbian experience with one another!

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2 thoughts on “Wow Girls Guerlain & Madonna in Summer Rain”

  1. Nice Video.
    Both girls are very beautiful. But the chill out beat is the crown of it! Please! Wants to know the name of the artist and title.

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