Wow Girls Guerlain in Look At My Eyes

Wow Girls Guerlain in Look At My Eyes

Guerlain is at the beach for a photo shoot wearing a loose sheer top that does nothing to hide her perky young breasts underneath. She rubs against trees and plays with her top moving in such an erotic way. She lifts her shirt and teases the camera exposing her breasts.


She then reaches down and begins to play with her cute orange panties. They are tight against her perfect ass and outline the shape of her bald pussy. She yanks them down and lets them fall to the sandy ground below.

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With just her top remaining, Guerlain runs her hands over her bare legs. She then uses her hands to gently graze her cute little ass and sweet bald pussy. She loves the way the breeze tingles against her skin and moves her body to sway with the breeze.

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