Wow Girls Close Fight Featuring Lorena + Natasha Von

Wow Girls Close Fight Featuring Lorena + Natasha Von

Lorena and Natasha Von are wearing cute pairs of bra and panties while smiling and giggling in front of their male friend. They both want him, but have never had a threesome before. They continue being shy and playful until his hands start running over their legs.


He keeps running his hands up and down their legs until the girls get courageous and join him in bed. They straddle him and begin to massage his body as well. He takes out his cock to see how the girls will react to such a bold move.

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He was surprised that they attacked his cock and started sucking on it until it was rock hard. There was no more shyness as the girls began stripping off their clothes. They both wanted to feel his cock in their pussies. Each girl took a turn getting fucked by his thick shaft!

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