Wow Girls Anjelica in Black Stockings 1

Wow Girls Anjelica in Black Stockings

Angelic runs her hands over her thigh high stockings and up her bare thighs. She lifts her shirt to tease her breasts and her nipples start to become erect. A wave of sexual passion has passed through Anjelica’s body and she needs to be satisfied.

She continues to run her hands all over her hot young body. Her fingers come to the black shorts that she has on and push down to go underneath the material. Her fingers feel how wet her pussy has become.

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In a new found rush to feel her body’s pleasure, Anjelica strips herself completely naked. She then begins to finger her mound and tease her wet clit. Trying hard to have an orgasm, Anjelica struggles to shove her entire hand into her wet pussy.

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