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Wow Girls A Brave Attempt featuring Zaya

Zaya is lying around outside with her boy’s underwear on and is feeling sexually playful. She lifts her top and takes her cute teen tits out of her sports bra. Her puffy nipples come into view and are grazed by the wind. Her nipples start to become erect and her pussy becomes moist with excitement.

First she pulls her underwear into the crack of her pussy teasing herself and then she removes them completely. Zaya runs her fingers over her sweet mound and slides them into her wet pussy. Then, she takes out her big red dildo and decides to fuck herself outside where anyone could see!

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Wow Girls Zaya in Deep Workout

Zaya is on her back and rubbing her young pussy. She loses all track of everything except the shooting waves of pleasure spreading throughout her body. She arches her back and digs her fingers deep into her wet pussy while she moans out loud.

Her moans are so loud that she wakes up her boyfriend sleeping in the next room, which may have been her devious intention all along. He stands in the doorway and looks at his beautiful girlfriend getting herself off. His cock becomes hard and he’s forced to join her.

He hovers his hard dick over Zaya’s face and she instinctively grabs for it and takes it into her mouth. He starts fucking her throat, in and out, in and out. When fully erect, he moves Zaya and lies back. She crawls on top of him and lowers herself down onto his throbbing prick. She impales her pussy and starts riding him aggressively until both are sexually satisfied.

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