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Wow Girls Delicious Girls featuring Beata + Klara

Beata and Clara are lying in bed with just their underwear on and having fun playing footsy with one another. They laugh and giggle as they playfully fool around, but underneath they both feel sexually excited from their skin rubbing and touching.

Soon they start to give each other small kisses. Then, the small kisses turn into open mouth kissing with tongue. They even begin to take turns straddling each other and grinding their mounds against each other.

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It’s not long before they are both completely nude in bed together. They take turns shoving a dildo in and out of each other’s ass. They run their tongues over their nude bodies and lick each other’s wet pussy. Having an amazing bisexual encounter brings them both to powerful orgasms that make them scream in

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Wow Girls Beata in Born To Please 2

Beata wears a sexy summer dress that opens wide showing cleavage and accidently sliding off of her perky breasts. As she moves her pink nipples pop out and back into her dress, teasing everyone in sight. Her boyfriend’s eyes are glued to Beata as she walks.

Unable to control himself, he pushes Beata against the wall and grinds his hard cock into her young pussy. She moans as his erect dick hits the right spot. Beata reaches out and grabs his rigid shaft through his pants.

Unzipping him on her way down, Beata lands on her knees at the same time she releases her boy toy’s cock into the open air. She strokes the long rod up and down, twisting and squeezing as she gives him a handjob. She beats the cock faster and faster until she opens her mouth wide and prepares for his hot cum!

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